Tank Trouble 2

Be the part of unreal action and drama in this, so to say, a middle aged game called Tank Trouble 2. Here even the closest friends become sworn enemies and they will not back off in front of each other. At first you might have same opponent, but after his destruction you stay face to face and from that moment there is absolutely no mercy. Be cold-blooded and in full combat readiness, if you want to survive in this devastating and harrowing combat. Remember one thing: Tank trouble 2 does not like posers. Do not declare yourself as a winner too early, because even when the opponent seems to be trapped, he might surprise you with an amazing shot. What’s more, there is a chance that one of your shells will kill you.

This game forces you to fight against your friends, as it only has two and three player modes. So you will fire miniguns, bombs and other deadly weapons not at the computer, but your buddies.